Food Expert Shares Storage Trick: Extend Bananas' Freshness and Firmness for Up to 20 Days

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.26 - 2023 9:25 AM CET

Extend Bananas' Freshness and Firmness for Up to 20 Days.

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In many kitchens, a common sight is a large fruit bowl with a variety of fruits. While this is a typical practice, it's not always the best way to store all fruits together.

Specifically, for bananas, separating them from other fruits can be beneficial, according to food expert Tash Blythe. She shares a clever trick that can help bananas maintain their freshness and firmness for a longer period, as reported by

Blythe suggests that a seemingly obvious but often overlooked way to keep bananas fresh is to buy them while they are still green and let them ripen at home.

Choosing the lightest yellow bananas in the store means they are already ripe and will have a shorter shelf life compared to the green ones, which are still unripe.

Another important detail is to avoid storing bananas in plastic bags, as this can accelerate the ripening process. Blythe also recommends storing bananas on a countertop or in a place at room temperature, away from moisture, sunlight, and high temperatures during the ripening process.

Separating the bananas is also beneficial as it prevents ethylene gas, released during ripening, from affecting other fruits.

Once the bananas reach the perfect ripeness, they can be placed in the refrigerator to extend their freshness, but this should only be done when they are already ripe, as cold can harm the ripening process.

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