Here's how you should apply your perfume to make it last all day

Written by Kathrine Frich

Jun.27 - 2024 5:32 PM CET

Photo. Shutterstock
Photo. Shutterstock
Coco Chanel's timeless advice has resurfaced

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Spritzing a few touches of perfume has long been a beauty ritual for many. Typically, our favorite fragrance is applied by spritzing the neck and/or wrists.

However, according to a revelation attributed to Coco Chanel, this might not be the best way to make your perfume last all day.

The Secret to Long-Lasting Fragrance

Coco Chanel's timeless advice has resurfaced on TikTok through image consultant Jean-Claude Mercier's viral video, amassing over three million views.

"Coco Chanel said it nearly 100 years ago. In your jackets, both men and women, do the same thing: spray a tiny bit of perfume inside, particularly under the arms or inside the waistband of pants before wearing them. By spraying this way, it warms up in the fabric, and the perfume heats up throughout the body. Throughout the day, your clothing will release the fragrance rather than irritating your skin."

So, the secret to making perfume last isn't applying it directly to your skin but rather to your clothing. This method allows the fragrance to develop more fully, lingering from morning until night. Perfuming your neck and décolleté might not be advisable, as explained by pharmaceutical expert Hannah English in an Instagram post:

"Perfumes often contain components that aren't harmful to us but can make our skin photosensitive."

Fragrance and Skin Care Tips for Summer

Applying perfume to your neck and décolleté with your favorite scent can lead to immune reactions when exposed to the sun.

These reactions may manifest as red patches or itching, sometimes evolving into solar urticaria in severe cases.

Applying your favorite perfume to your neck can also increase the risk of sunburn. This advice is particularly timely as summer approaches.

How to Store Your Perfume

Beyond proper application, it's crucial to store your perfume correctly to prevent it from turning. The first consideration is the location.

Fragrances are often kept in bathrooms, but as previously discussed, this can be detrimental due to humidity, temperature fluctuations, and light exposure, which can degrade the perfume's quality. Opt instead for dry, cool, and shaded spots like drawers or inside a closet to preserve your fragrance's potency over time.