How to 'Beat the System': Supermarket employee shares trick to save 90% on shopping

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.07 - 2023 9:27 AM CET

Supermarket employee shares trick to save 90% on shopping.

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A supermarket employee has revealed a simple yet effective way to beat the system and save up to 90% on your grocery bills.

The 48-year-old Al Baker from Aldershot in Hampshire has made headlines for sharing how he saved a significant amount of money by hunting for yellow stickers while shopping. According to Metro, he started this practice after a debt of approximately £301.470 ($369.000) forced him into bankruptcy. By focusing on yellow stickers, he managed to save more than £10.000 ($12.300) in two years.

Al Baker, who works in a supermarket, has decided to share his secrets. According to him, one of the easiest ways to save money is to identify when products are discounted, especially those marked down significantly with yellow stickers.

Timing is everything

Al emphasizes the importance of arriving early at the supermarket.

He also recommends being near the supermarket when the deals are rolled out. "Saturday evening usually has the most price reductions, and Monday evening is generally the quietest in terms of the number of people in the store, making it an excellent time to visit," he says.

Avoid Fridays, as supermarkets are crowded with people stocking up for the weekend.

Get help

Al also suggests that it can be beneficial to have two people in the supermarket to cover more ground. "If you can, bring someone with you so you can split up and be in two places at once. Discounts are often placed in separate areas of the store at the same time, increasing your chances of grabbing something from more than one department," he advises.

Guard your purchases

You might not think you need to be on guard in a supermarket, but competition for the best deals is fierce. Al recommends keeping an eye on your cart or basket. "Unfortunately, I've seen people take items with yellow stickers out of someone else's cart when they weren't looking," he says.

Don't be greedy

While it's essential to be quick, Al stresses the importance of not being greedy. "Only take what you need! It can be tempting to grab a lot of items, especially if there's an excess stock of a particular product. But if you don't need it all, leave some for others," he says.

Be smart

Pay attention to what you need, what can keep costs down, and whether you have storage space at home. "Most vegetables, meats, ready meals, bread, and even dairy products like butter and cheese can be frozen. Keep that in mind when looking at discounts," he notes.

Al also recommends checking your fridge and freezer before heading to the supermarket to save yourself the hassle of finding space when you get home.

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