Indian Woman Sets World Record with Over Two-Metre Long Hair

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.02 - 2023 10:09 AM CET

Photo: Youtube / Guinness World Records
Photo: Youtube / Guinness World Records
Indian Woman Sets World Record with Over Two-Metre Long Hair.

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Smita Srivastava from Uttar Pradesh, India, has set a world record for having the longest hair on a living person, measuring an impressive 236.22 cm (7 ft 9 in).

The 46-year-old Smita has been growing her hair since she was 14, inspired by her mother and the style of Hindi actresses from the 1980s. In Indian culture, long hair is traditionally associated with goddesses and is considered a symbol of beauty.

Hair Care Routine Smita washes her hair twice a week, a process that includes washing, drying, detangling, and styling, taking up to three hours each time.

She spends 30-45 minutes washing it, then dries it with a towel before spending about two hours detangling it by hand. Once detangled and fully dried, she combs it before braiding or tying it into a bun.

Watch her incredible long hair in the video below

Preserving Fallen Hair Remarkably, Smita has been collecting her fallen hair for the past 20 years, starting when she experienced significant hair loss.

She keeps the fallen hair in a plastic bag, never throwing it away. Sometimes, her hair gets caught under her feet while walking, leading to breakage, so she makes sure to collect those strands as well.

Life with Long Hair Smita, who once trimmed her hair by about one foot during a pregnancy illness, says that people are amazed when they see her long hair.

They often touch her hair, take pictures, and ask about the products she uses. She shares her hair care routine with them, hoping to inspire others to achieve healthy hair.

Smita's Dream Come True Overjoyed to hold the Guinness World Records title, which she once dreamed of, Smita plans to continue caring for her hair. "I will never cut my hair because my life is in my hair," she says, expressing her desire to see how long she can manage her hair.

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