Ingenious new "Burrito Method" circulates online: Dries clothes indoors in no time

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.23 - 2023 10:33 AM CET

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube
Ingenious new "Burrito Method" circulates online: Dries clothes indoors in no time.

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Drying clothes is an unavoidable household task that becomes more challenging in the autumn and winter seasons, especially with expensive energy bills. That's why an expert is sharing a new ingenious method that makes it faster and cheaper.

Drying clothes indoors is a possible alternative, but it takes time and can lead to excess moisture and mold in the house. According to Thor, the founder of Organizing TV, all households need just a towel to quickly dry clean clothes.

In a video shared on Organizing TV's YouTube channel, Thor demonstrated the simple "burrito method" using a clean T-shirt.

In the video, he shows that although most cycles end with a spin, it's a good idea to run your clothes through another spin cycle to squeeze out the last drops of water. Once the cycle is over, you should lay out a large towel and place your T-shirt on it.

When the towel is tightly rolled into a "burrito" shape, you should press on it with your hands and then kneel on the rolled piece of clothing with the towel around it.

The purpose of this is for the towel to absorb all the water from the "burrito," and when you unwrap it, the T-shirt should be much drier.

The organizing expert claimed that wringing the roll also helps remove moisture. However, this should be avoided for more delicate items made of satin or silk.

After unrolling the towel, your clothes will be a bit drier but still damp.

To continue the drying process, you can then place it on a drying rack in the bathroom with the two small windows open, which is the best place to dry clothes indoors.

After about two hours, you will find that most of your clothes are completely dry and do not smell of moisture.

All in all, the "burrito" method won't dry your clothes instantly, but it can significantly reduce drying time from overnight to a few hours.

Watch how the trick works in the video below

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