Man places IKEA kitchen cabinets in bedroom: Wait until you see the finished result

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.16 - 2023 12:00 PM CET

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube
Just wait until you see the finished result.

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Chris Heider, an American DIY enthusiast, had a unique idea for furnishing his daughter's bedroom. Instead of shopping in the bedroom section of his local IKEA store, he headed straight to the kitchen department.

What he ended up creating was a multi-level bed with ample storage space, all made from IKEA kitchen cabinets.

IKEA offers thousands of products that provide countless possibilities for furnishing a home affordably.

However, there's no need to limit oneself to the assembly manuals that come with each purchase. With a bit of creativity, IKEA's mass-produced items can be made unique and personal.

That's exactly what Chris Heider did.

Heider wasn't interested in the usual bedroom furniture when he went shopping at IKEA.

Instead, he made his purchases among pots and pans in the kitchen section. He bought seven kitchen cabinets of different sizes and placed them in his daughter's bedroom when he got home from the gigantic store.

The final result

Afterward, he took out his video camera and drill, and the result of his efforts was a very special bed with multiple levels and, yes, plenty of cabinet space.

See for yourself below