Many vegetarians fart more than meat eaters: This is why

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.06 - 2023 2:59 PM CET

This is why many vegetarians fart more than meat eaters.

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As more people are cutting back on meat, you may have noticed an odorous side effect: an increase in flatulence.

The reason is straightforward—vegetarians often replace meat with vegetables, which are high in fiber and can produce more gas.

"Many vegetarians replace meat with fruits and vegetables because they contain more dietary fiber," nutrition expert Manon Wouters explains to Metro.

"These fibers are broken down in the large intestine, where gas can be produced. The more fiber your diet contains, the more you'll pass gas."

An adjustment period

If you're new to a vegetarian diet, you may experience an increase in flatulence initially.

"It can take a few weeks for your intestines to get used to the amount of dietary fiber you're consuming. Since fibers from fruits and vegetables absorb a lot of water, it's important to stay hydrated," adds Wouters.

Embrace the Gas

According to the nutrition expert, it's better not to hold in the gas.

"If you're passing a lot of gas, it means your intestines are working hard. Holding it in can lead to symptoms like fatigue or abdominal cramps. Passing gas is a good sign; it means your intestines are active, which is healthy."

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