Mom Shares Genius Trick: How to Avoid Slipping on Icy Roads

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.03 - 2023 6:53 PM CET

How to Avoid Slipping on Icy Roads.

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In a clever and cost-free solution to navigate icy streets safely, a resourceful parent has shared a "life-changing" trick. As winter brings snowy weather and the likelihood of slippery roads due to cold temperatures, this simple yet effective method comes as a timely suggestion for everyone.

The trick involves using old socks, which might otherwise go unused, by wearing them over shoes to enhance grip on icy surfaces.

This ingenious idea was shared by a Scottish mother of two, Mel, on the popular video-sharing platform TikTok. Her video demonstrating the trick has gone viral, amassing over 1.8 million views.

Mel's caption on her viral video reads, "BEST (most necessary) TRICK at the moment in my opinion... socks worn over your shoes – to avoid slipping on ice. Thank me later." She further explains, "This is happening right now. It's really a lifesaver! When it's icy, this ice is really, really slippery, so wear socks and shoes!"

The reaction to Mel's trick has been mixed, with some TikTok users eager to try it out, while others express concerns about potential embarrassment.

One user commented, "Off to Primark for men's trainer socks, because it's an ice rink out there." Another shared, "I've always done this. Always get those looks, but I'm not the one slipping."

Mel's trick serves as a reminder that sometimes the most straightforward solutions can be the most effective, especially when it comes to navigating the challenges of winter weather.

Watch the trick below