You'll have to know this trick: Why you should put two halves of a lemon in the oven

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.03 - 2023 1:00 PM CET

All you need is two halves of a lemon and an oven.

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If you are tired of fruit flies and other small flying insects, you can look forward to trying this trick, which will help you get rid of these little problems according to

It's Tips and Crafts that come up with this clever trick, where they tell you that you only need a single lemon and your oven to solve the problem.

You start your little project in the evening, and the next morning you can finish it, and voila, the fruit flies are gone, and your home smells fresh of lemon.

What You Need:

  • Lemon

  • Your oven

Here's What You Should Do:

  1. Start by cutting the lemon in half, and then place the two halves of the lemon in the oven.

  2. Make sure to leave the door slightly ajar, but it must not be completely open.

  3. Let the lemon lie in the oven overnight.

  4. When you get up the next morning, you will see that the small flying insects have been attracted by the scent of the lemon, and they will therefore be inside the oven.

  5. Now you simply close the oven and turn up the heat.

  6. After a few minutes, turn off the oven again, open the door, and remove all the insects.

With the above tip, you can easily get rid of fruit flies and other flying insects that don't want to go away.

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