Stress-Free Shopping: German Supermarket Introduces "Quiet Hour"

Written by Camilla Jessen

Jul.05 - 2024 9:59 AM CET

A supermarket in Germany introduces a special "quiet hour"

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After a long workday, a trip to the supermarket can be quite stressful: loud music blaring from speakers, bright fluorescent lights, and the hustle and bustle of other customers hunting for sales or daily essentials.

But a supermarket in Germany aims to change this experience.

In Rendsburg, an innovative measure has been introduced: the "quiet hour."

This special shopping time is designed to benefit older people and those with autism who prefer a more peaceful shopping trip.

A Calmer Environment

During this hour, noise sources such as loud music and bright lights are minimized.

This initiative aims to provide a more relaxed shopping environment, catering to the needs of these specific customer groups.

The “quiet hour” was introduced to make shopping more pleasant for sensitive individuals. According to the NDR Schleswig-Holstein Magazine, this step is part of a broader effort towards inclusion and consideration in everyday life.

Positive Response

The supermarket in Rendsburg implemented this change in response to complaints and requests from customers seeking a quieter shopping atmosphere.

The idea has already received positive feedback from shoppers, who appreciate the calming and stress-free environment.

The concept of a "quiet hour" could serve as a model for other supermarkets and retailers to offer a more inclusive shopping experience. This initiative shows how simple changes can improve the shopping experience for sensitive individuals.

For more information on the “Quiet Hour," you can visit the website