The best time to save money on your airline ticket

Written by Henrik Rothen

Aug.23 - 2023 9:38 PM CET

The best time to save money on your airline ticket.

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As summer vacation continues, people are already looking for opportunities for autumn holidays, according to data from the comparing company Momondo as reported in Compared to July of last year, the demand for European destinations has increased by a third, while searches for destinations outside Europe have grown by 50%.

This impressive growth has a logical explanation. Autumn holidays for schools fall in week 42, and it has been discovered that the best time to buy airline tickets was in week 31 last year, where the average price for a flight was $400.

If you waited until week 41 to book your vacation, you could expect to pay more than $600 on average, a significant difference.

"It's about 55 percent cheaper than booking in week 41, where travelers had to pay more than $600 on average," says Momondo's spokesperson, Per Christiansen, regarding the benefits of booking in week 31.

If you don't manage to book your vacation before week 42 in week 31, it doesn't mean the opportunities are exhausted. The second-best week is week 33, followed by weeks 32 and 34.

If you want to save even more, you can consider how important the exact departure time is. "Prices can vary, and there is money to be saved if you travel outside the established autumn holiday weeks," points out Lars Thykier, CEO of Denmark's Travel Agency Association, adding,

"So instead of traveling from Saturday to Saturday, you can consider, for example, a trip from Thursday to Thursday. Even a few days' difference can lead to significant price changes."

These insights provide valuable guidance for those planning their vacations and looking to make the most of their budget. Timing your booking and being flexible with travel dates can lead to substantial savings, making your trip more enjoyable and affordable.