Unlocking the laundry code: A mom's top 5 secrets for saving time and money

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.03 - 2023 12:11 PM CET

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com
A mom's top 5 secrets for saving time and money.

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Laura Dove, known as @fivelittledoves on Instagram, has teamed up with AO.com to share her laundry tips. As a mother of three young children and a husband, she has learned some useful tricks to make laundry a bit easier.

Choose the right washing machine

Laura emphasizes the importance of selecting the right washing machine for your household.

"If you have a family with children, a washing machine with a 10 kg capacity can be the most efficient way to get your laundry clean without wasting energy. But if you live alone, an oversized machine can lead to higher energy consumption and bigger bills. So make sure to fill up the machine, even if it means waiting a bit longer before starting a new wash," she explains.

Avoid overloading the machine

Overloading the washing machine can result in clothes not being properly cleaned and may require an additional wash cycle. Laura shares a smart trick:

"To check if you've overloaded the drum, try placing your hand on top of the clothes. If it doesn't fit, you should remove some clothes to avoid damaging the wash."

Use the right temperature and wash program

Laura points out the importance of choosing the right temperature and program for your clothes.

"It may sound simple, but it's really important to use the right setting for your clothes. If possible, wash your clothes at a lower temperature, as it saves energy. Even switching from 40 degrees to 30 degrees can reduce energy consumption by 38%."

Sort certain types of clothes

It's wise to distinguish between different types of clothes when washing. For example, kitchen towels should not be washed with regular clothes, as they are often a breeding ground for bacteria.

Laura advises washing them at a higher temperature and using more detergent than regular clothes.

Extra spin cycles can shorten drying time

Laura has a tip for shortening the drying time for heavy items: "If you don't want to use a dryer due to the high costs, you can put heavy items like towels through an extra spin cycle or two before hanging them to dry or placing them on the radiator.

If you don't like stiff towels, you can simply put them in the dryer for about 15 minutes to keep them soft."

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