Warning to coffee drinkers: You should avoid doing this

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.06 - 2023 11:09 PM CET

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com
Most people do it, but according to this doctor it's a realy bad idea.

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Many people start their day with a cup of coffee, but according to experts, it might not be the best idea.

Rethink Your Morning Routine

If you're the kind of person who reaches for a coffee cup as soon as you get out of bed, you might want to reconsider.

Dr. Karan Raj, a medical expert who shares his knowledge on TikTok, suggests that starting your day with coffee may not be the most beneficial choice.

Dr. Karan Raj recently warned on BBC Morning Live that it's not advisable to kickstart your day with caffeine.

"Don't drink coffee first thing in the morning to wake up. Your body naturally wakes you up with cortisol; you experience a cortisol spike in your body in the morning." says Dr. Karan Raj on british television. You can see the clip in the bottom of this article.

Save it for later

Instead, Dr. Raj recommends saving your caffeine intake for later, when natural cortisol levels drop, and you experience a dip in energy.

Do you drink coffee as the first thing in the morning, or when do you start taking your first sip?

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