We all do it - But here's why you shouldn't store your toothbrush in the bathroom

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.18 - 2023 8:50 AM CET

Here's why you shouldn't store your toothbrush in the bathroom.

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Most people store their toothbrushes in the bathroom for convenience, but this common practice might be harmful to your health.

When you flush the toilet, tiny droplets of human waste, known as a 'fecal fountain', can disperse throughout the bathroom.

According to Pensionist.dk, these particles can land on toothbrushes, potentially leading to the ingestion of harmful bacteria.

Simple steps to protect your oral health

To mitigate this risk, experts recommend several measures.

Firstly, always close the toilet lid before flushing to contain the spread of particles.

Secondly, consider storing your toothbrush in a different room to avoid contamination.

Additionally, keeping toothbrushes separate and using a protective cover can further safeguard against bacteria.

Rethinking toothbrush hygiene

In an innovative approach to oral hygiene, some experts suggest that households use a shared electric toothbrush, with each person having their own detachable head. This method not only promotes hygiene but also encourages responsible use of resources.

By understanding and implementing these simple yet effective measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of oral contamination and maintain better overall health.

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