16-year-old Iranian teen who encountered 'morality police' dies.

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.28 - 2023 9:11 AM CET

Photo: CCTV
Photo: CCTV
16-year-old Iranian teen who encountered 'morality police' dies.

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Armita Garawand, a 16-year-old Iranian girl, has died following an incident with Iran's 'morality police' on the Tehran Metro, state media reports.

This is reported by Middle East Eye.

Garawand, who was from the western Kermanshah province, was allegedly accosted for violating Iran's strict dress code.

While state media denies she was attacked and claims she fainted, rights groups argue she suffered severe injuries from the encounter.

Controversial Circumstances

The incident occurred in early October and left Garawand hospitalized for 28 days in intensive care. State media reported her death, but the circumstances surrounding the incident remain disputed. Rights groups insist she was attacked, while state media claims she fainted.

Following the incident, heavy security was reportedly placed around Garawand's hospital room, and even family visits were restricted. This comes just weeks after the anniversary of the death of Kurdish-Iranian woman Mahsa Amini, also attributed to the morality police, which led to widespread protests and a severe government crackdown.

Despite public outcry against Iran's headscarf laws, the government has recently passed legislation imposing stricter penalties for "indecent attire." The new laws categorize fines based on the severity of the offense, further tightening the grip on personal freedoms.

Although some see parallels between the deaths of Amini and Garawand, the severity of the government's previous crackdown has made many hesitant to return to the streets. One former protester told Middle East Eye that the trauma of the crackdown has dissuaded many from protesting again.

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