35-year-old TV star dies while 8 months pregnant

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.01 - 2023 3:14 PM CET

35-year-old TV star dies while 8 months pregnant.

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The Malayalam television community is grappling with another devastating loss as actress Dr. Priya, known for her roles in popular shows like Karuthamuthu, died suddenly of a cardiac arrest.

She was 35 years old and eight months pregnant at the time of her death.

This is reported by Times of India.

Routine check-up turns fatal

Dr. Priya and her husband had gone to a private hospital for what was supposed to be a routine pregnancy check-up.

Tragically, she suffered a cardiac arrest during the visit and passed away.

The newborn is currently in intensive care.

Actor Kishor Satya, who had shared screen space with Dr. Priya, broke the news to fans through an emotional social media post. He questioned why such tragedies are happening to good people and expressed his inability to console the grieving family.

Dr. Priya had recently taken a break from her acting career to focus on her family and pregnancy.

She was also a practicing doctor. The sudden death has left her family, friends, and the Malayalam TV industry in shock.

Watch Dr. Priya in the video below. If the embed doesn't show, please follow the link instead.