A bizarre rescue: Woman gets trapped in outdoor toilet, this is the reason why

Written by Jakob A. Overgaard

Sep.24 - 2023 4:18 PM CET

Photo: Twitter @MSP Seventh District
Photo: Twitter @MSP Seventh District
A bizarre rescue: Woman gets trapped in outdoor toilet, this is the reason why

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In the state of Michigan, emergency services faced perhaps one of their most peculiar calls to date. A woman found herself in a rather uncomfortable predicament during a seemingly routine visit to the restroom.

It was a regular Tuesday when Michigan police officers were summoned to an incident at Dixon Lake. In the restroom facility near the boat launch, a woman was trapped in the toilet, her arm lodged deep inside. Her desperate cries for help caught the attention of nearby individuals, leading to the police being alerted.

As the emergency crew arrived on the scene, the woman began to recount her ordeal. In a twist of fate, she had dropped her Apple Watch into the toilet.

In her attempt to retrieve it, her arm became stuck, leaving her in the awkward and distressing situation. Unfortunately for her, the officers couldn't provide immediate assistance. They had to request additional resources and tools from the nearby town of Gaylord.

The rescue operation took a dramatic turn. The decision was made to remove the entire toilet to free the trapped woman. "The woman was safely secured using a harness," the police reported. Whether she sustained any injuries during the incident remains unclear. Similarly, the fate of the Apple Watch has not been disclosed. Photos released by the police depict a black belt attached to the opened toilet, and another image shows the toilet bowl already detached.

Michigan police have since issued a word of caution: "If you drop an item in a toilet like this, do not attempt to reach into the drain. Serious injuries could result." The incident occurred at the popular recreational area of Dixon Lake, located in the northern part of the state, approximately 386 kilometers northeast of Detroit.

In light of such bizarre incidents, it's always a good reminder to exercise caution in unexpected situations. While our belongings hold value, personal safety should always be the top priority. Whether it's a piece of jewelry, a phone, or a watch, no item is worth risking one's well-being.

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