A Heartwarming Holiday Miracle: How 26,000 Toys Found Their Way to Children's Hospitals

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.21 - 2023 7:07 PM CET

Photo: Integrity
Photo: Integrity
How 26,000 Toys Found Their Way to Children's Hospitals.

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In a remarkable display of generosity and community spirit, Integrity Marketing Group, LLC, a distributor of life and health insurance, has announced the successful completion of its third annual "Integrity Gives Back" Toy Drive.

This year's campaign has set a new record, with over 26,000 toys, books, and stuffed animals donated to pediatric hospitals and children's charity organizations across the nation.

The nationwide campaign, led by the dedicated efforts of Integrity employees and partner companies, aimed to bring joy and comfort to thousands of children and their families during medical treatments. The initiative reflects a deep commitment to community service and family values, core tenets of Integrity's mission.

Photo: Integrity

Bryan W. Adams, Co-Founder and CEO of Integrity, shared a personal connection to the cause, noting how medical emergencies can be a daunting experience for children.

"The instant a toy enters the situation, the mood changes immediately, bringing joy into the room," Adams said. He emphasized the importance of these donations in providing moments of normalcy and happiness for young patients and their families during challenging times.

Broke The Record

The "Integrity Gives Back" initiative has grown significantly in impact and scope since its inception. This year, the company ambitiously set a goal to collect 20,000 items, a target that was surpassed with a final tally of more than 26,000 donations. Thousands of employees across hundreds of partner offices nationwide volunteered their time and resources, demonstrating a collective spirit of giving and compassion.

Steve Young, Integrity's Chairman of the Board, expressed his gratitude for the united efforts of the employees and partners.

"Their generosity is extremely meaningful to the thousands of families impacted by medical situations this year," Young stated. He highlighted that each donation aligns perfectly with Integrity's mission to help families prepare for good days ahead.

The toys, books, and stuffed animals collected will be distributed to various organizations assisting children in need, including Toys for Tots, Children's Miracle Network, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and several pediatric hospitals. These organizations will use the donations to comfort children before or after medical procedures, marking milestones, birthdays, or explaining complicated medical procedures in a more comforting manner.

Photo: Integrity

Mary Elyse Farah, President of the Integrity Foundation, praised the collective effort, especially acknowledging the Adams family for their generous matching of gifts received. "These donations will bring happiness throughout the year to local children who share the community with our partners and agents," Farah said.

Laran O'Neill, Chief Advancement Officer at Children's Medical Center Foundation, highlighted the significant impact of Integrity's donations, especially during the holiday season, a particularly challenging time for children and families in hospitals. "Integrity's gifts will bring countless smiles, providing comfort and joy," O'Neill remarked.

The "Integrity Gives Back" Toy Drive is a testament to the power of community and the spirit of giving. It showcases how corporate initiatives, when aligned with heartfelt generosity, can make a significant difference in the lives of those in need, particularly during the holiday season.