Watch: A 'zombified' Russian soldier survives a Ukrainian grenade attack but accidentally shoot himself

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.29 - 2023 1:13 PM CET


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In a harrowing incident captured on drone footage, a Russian soldier, described as 'zombified', survived a Ukrainian grenade attack but subsequently accidentally shot himself.

The incident, which took place in no-man’s land in Ukraine, highlights the brutal and chaotic nature of the ongoing conflict.

The soldier, despite being badly wounded, showed an eerie lack of response to his injuries. Initially, he was targeted by a grenade while being monitored by a drone.

Astonishingly, the explosion did not halt his movements. In a subsequent bizarre turn of events, he accidentally shot himself in the hand, yet continued without any apparent reaction to this new injury.

The footage has sparked speculation among pro-Ukraine sources that the soldier might have been under the influence of drugs.

This assumption is based on his unusual lack of response to severe injuries and pain, which could be attributed to the use of pain-suppressing substances.

This incident has been cited as an indication of the grim conditions faced by troops within Russia’s military ranks. The use of drugs in warfare, to enhance soldiers' pain tolerance and aggression, has historical precedence but raises significant ethical and humanitarian concerns.

The video has circulated widely, contributing to the ongoing discussion about the state of the Russian military and the extreme measures that soldiers might be resorting to in order to cope with the rigors and traumas of war.

Watch: A 'zombified' Russian soldier survives a Ukrainian grenade attack but accidentally shoot himself:

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