Actor found dead, shot in bed

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.23 - 2023 8:16 AM CET

Actor found dead, shot in bed.

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Dave Courtney, a former notorious British gangster turned actor and author, has been found dead in his bed, apparently shot by his own hand. This is reported by The Sun.

The 64-year-old was discovered with a pillow over his face, presumably to muffle the sound of the gunshot from his Glock 9mm pistol.

The family has indicated that it was a tragic case of suicide, stating, "Dave tragically took his own life in the early hours with a weapon in his Camelot Castle home in Plumstead."

A life of contrasts

Courtney had a checkered past, transitioning from a life of crime to a more stable career in acting and writing.

He had 48 roles credited to his name on IMDb and authored several books. Despite his past, he was a man of many talents who had managed to turn his life around.

The day before

Interestingly, Courtney seemed in good spirits the day before his tragic end. He was seen enjoying a football match featuring his favorite team, Charlton, in London's League One.

A friend revealed to The Sun that Courtney and his friends had been drinking until 4 a.m. after the game. He was found the next day by a tenant who was also a close friend.

Ongoing Investigation

While the family believes it was a suicide, an official investigation is underway to rule out any foul play. The actor was found with a pillow over his face, which was likely used to dampen the sound of the gunshot that killed him.

The news has shocked many, especially considering that Courtney seemed happy while watching his favorite football team just a day before his death.

A video was shared shortly before Dave Courtney's death, featuring what are believed to be his final words. Watch the video below.

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