Admiral warns: NATO running low on ammunition

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.05 - 2023 9:58 AM CET

NATO running low on ammunition.

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As the flow of financial aid from the United States to Ukraine is at risk, NATO is now facing a severe shortage of ammunition, warns Admiral Rob Bauer, NATO's top military official.

According to Bauer, the Ukrainian forces are in dire need of ammunition as European stockpiles are depleting.

"We are giving weapons and ammunition to Ukraine, which is great. But the stockpiles are running low," he said. This comes at a time when all efforts should be focused on pushing back Russian forces before winter makes further advances difficult.

Bauer's warning comes just days after NATO's political chief announced that a large shipment of ammunition would be on its way in a few months.

"Russia's brutal war against Ukraine has reminded us that a war of attrition is a battle of logistics. Robust ammunition supplies are crucial to ensure that we can continue to support Ukraine while protecting every inch of NATO's territory," said Stoltenberg.

Iranian Smuggled Ammunition

The situation has become so critical that the United States has delivered Iranian ammunition, confiscated off the coast of Yemen, along with 3,000 rifles.

"On October 2, 2023, the U.S. government transferred approximately 1.1 million 7.62 mm rounds to the Ukrainian armed forces," stated the U.S. Army.

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