After Ukraine, Poland Next on Russia's List, Says Duma Member Zjuravlev

Written by Jeppe W

Jan.15 - 2024 7:33 AM CET


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In a recent appearance on Russian state television, controversial politician Aleksej Zjuravlev, known for his nationalist and militaristic views, made a startling assertion. According to Zjuravlev, once Russia overcomes Ukraine, its next target will be NATO member Poland.

This statement, coming nearly two years after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, adds another layer of tension to the already strained relations between Russia and its neighbors.

Zjuravlev's comments echo a growing sentiment among Russian propagandists who frequently mention the Baltic states and Poland, a historical foe, as potential targets for future Russian aggression.

However, Claus Mathiesen, a lecturer at the Danish Defence Academy, believes these claims might be more of a psychological warfare tactic than an actual military plan. According to him, Russia is more likely to target non-NATO countries like Moldova, Georgia, and possibly Kazakhstan to keep them within its sphere of influence.

The conflict in Ukraine, which has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, has raised concerns about its potential spread beyond Ukraine's borders. Such fears were recently voiced by Kyrylo Budanov, head of Ukraine's military intelligence service, who warned that the war could extend to other countries if Western support for Ukraine wanes.

Similarly, the American think tank Institute for the Study of War (ISW) released a report titled 'The High Cost of Losing Ukraine,' outlining scenarios of what might occur if Russia were to win the war.

The report suggests that a Russian victory could bring its troops up to NATO's borders from the Black Sea to the Arctic Sea, a development that could dramatically alter the security landscape of Eastern Europe.

The war has already had indirect implications for Poland. In late 2022, a Polish general reported that a Russian missile likely crossed into Polish airspace from Ukraine, although it didn't result in any direct confrontation. In November 2022, a Ukrainian missile hit the Polish village of Przewodow, causing two fatalities. And in April, a Russian missile was found in a forest near Zamosc in northern Poland.

Zjuravlev's remarks, while alarming, are indicative of the ongoing propaganda war accompanying the physical conflict. They serve as a reminder of the delicate balance in Eastern Europe and the significant implications of Russia's military actions in the region.

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