After yesterday's decision: Biden sends clear message to Ukraine

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.01 - 2023 8:05 PM CET

Biden sends clear message to Ukraine.

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President Joe Biden has assured that the United States will not abandon Ukraine, despite the recent approval of a bill in Congress that could potentially limit military aid to the country.

The bill, which aims to prevent the U.S. from becoming embroiled in a conflict with Russia, has raised concerns about the level of support Ukraine can expect from its Western allies.

The U.S. Congress recently passed a bill that could restrict military aid to Ukraine, raising questions about the country's future relationship with the United States. However, President Biden has been quick to clarify his stance.

"In no way will we abandon Ukraine," Biden stated, emphasizing that the U.S. remains committed to supporting Ukraine in its ongoing conflict with Russia.

The bill, which was passed with bipartisan support, aims to prevent the United States from becoming directly involved in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. While it does not explicitly cut off aid to Ukraine, it does impose certain limitations that have sparked debate about the U.S.'s role in the conflict.

Despite the bill's passage, Biden reiterated that the United States will continue to provide Ukraine with the necessary military aid, including lethal aid, to defend itself against Russian aggression.

"We are committed to Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and we will continue to provide the support they need," Biden added.

The President's comments come at a crucial time, as Ukraine continues to face ongoing Russian aggression, making the assurance of American support all the more significant.