Aid Package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan Set to Pass US Congress

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.23 - 2024 1:30 PM CET

The U.S. Congress is set to approve a major aid package providing billions of dollars to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

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A long-awaited package worth billions of dollars in foreign aid for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan is expected to pass the U.S. Senate this week, following a rare Saturday session that broke a months-long deadlock in the House of Representatives.

According to Reuters, the bipartisan package aims to support these countries by addressing their security and humanitarian needs.

"To our friends in Ukraine, to our allies in NATO, to our allies in Israel, and to civilians around the world in need of aid: rest assured America will deliver yet again," Senate Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a statement.

Details of the Aid Package

The Senate is set to review a package of four bills passed by the House, which includes:

  • $61 billion for Ukraine to support its military and provide humanitarian aid as it continues to defend against Russian aggression.

  • $26 billion for Israel, including military and humanitarian assistance amid the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

  • $8.12 billion for Indo-Pacific security, intended to counter China’s influence in the region.

  • Additional measures, such as a potential ban on the social media app TikTok, steps to transfer seized Russian assets to Ukraine, and new sanctions on Iran.

The package could pass the Democratic-led Senate as soon as late Tuesday, then head to President Joe Biden for a quick signature into law. Biden has pledged to provide security assistance to Ukraine as soon as the package is signed.

Impact on Ukraine and Israel

For Ukraine, the aid will boost military support and morale. The quick shipment of weapons could improve Ukraine's ability to fend off Russian attacks in the east. The Ukraine funding includes $8 billion in Presidential Drawdown Authority, allowing Biden to send equipment from U.S. stocks.

The impact on Israel's conflict in Gaza is less clear, but the package includes humanitarian aid to help civilians in the war-torn region. The House approved the Israel aid by a 366-58 vote, with some Democrats voting against it, citing humanitarian concerns related to the Israeli military's assault on Gaza following the Oct. 7 Hamas attacks. These attacks resulted in the deaths of 1,200 people and around 250 being taken hostage.

Political Dynamics in Congress

The Ukraine aid passed the House by a 311-112 vote, with all 112 "no" votes coming from Republicans. This required Speaker Mike Johnson to rely on Democratic support, leading to calls for his ouster as House leader. Despite this, the House left Washington for a week-long recess without triggering a vote to remove Johnson.

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