Alarming details emerge about Brussels terror attack

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.24 - 2023 9:26 AM CET

Photo: Wikipedia Commons
Photo: Wikipedia Commons
Alarming details emerge about Brussels terror attack.

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New information has come to light about significant errors that ultimately enabled a terror attack in Belgium, where two Swedish citizens were killed.

Abdesalem Lassoued, a Tunisian terrorist, was able to roam freely in Brussels despite not having a residence permit and being known to Belgian police for his ties to extremism and criminality.

He killed two Swedish football fans before a European Championship qualifier match between Belgium and Sweden.

A fugitive with a criminal past

According to BBC, Lassoued had been sentenced to 26 years in prison in Tunisia in 2005 for various crimes, including attempted murder. However, he managed to escape after serving just six years.

He later made his way to Belgium.

Tunisia had requested his return in 2022, but Belgian officials failed to act on the request.

Ministerial resignation

Belgium's Justice Minister, Vincent Van Quickenborne, resigned last Friday, admitting to a "monumental and unacceptable mistake with dramatic consequences."

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