Alexey Navalny Emerges with First Message from Arctic Prison Following Disappearance

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.26 - 2023 6:25 PM CET


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Alexey Navalny, the prominent Russian opposition figure, has broken his silence with his first public message since his unexplained 19-day disappearance. Navalny, who had been jailed in Russia, resurfaced in a remote Arctic prison, leaving many of his supporters and international observers concerned about his safety and well-being.

In a message relayed via social media, Navalny disclosed that he had been moved to a distant village named Kharp, located in Russia’s Far North.

This transfer was not straightforward; it involved a convoluted journey that passed through multiple Russian cities including Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Kirov, and Vorkuta.

Despite the exhausting transfer, Navalny assured his followers that he is doing "fine" and remains "in a good mood." He humorously referred to himself as a "Santa Claus," a nod to the beard he grew unintentionally during his long and winding relocation.

Navalny's disappearance had sparked widespread concern, given his high-profile status as a dissident and his previous experiences with the Russian legal system.

His re-emergence and communication is likely to bring some relief to his supporters, but it also underscores the ongoing challenges he faces as a vocal critic of the Russian government.

The situation continues to draw attention from international human rights organizations and governments, highlighting concerns about the treatment of political dissidents in Russia. Navalny's case remains a focal point in the broader discourse on human rights and freedom of expression in the country.

See the message from Navalny right here:

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