American Ship Hit by Missile

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.15 - 2024 6:22 PM CET

American Ship Hit by Missile.

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An American vessel in the Red Sea has been attacked.

The ship is reported to have been hit in a missile attack.

"The boat was hit from above by a missile," said the ship's commander, according to the British trade organization UKMTO.

The same commander reports that the attack occurred near Aden, the southern port city of Yemen.

Fire Breaks Out

The British maritime security company Ambrey has

commented on the attack. According to the company, it was a U.S.-owned cargo ship that was targeted.

"The attack is a response to American military strikes against Houthi military positions in Yemen," Ambrey stated in a release.

A fire has broken out on the ship. However, the vessel is still considered seaworthy, and no injuries have been reported.

Attacks on Ships Bound for Israel

There is strong indication that the Houthi rebels in Yemen are behind the attack. The Houthi militia has carried out numerous attacks on ships in the Red Sea heading to Israel.

According to Ambrey, the attacked cargo ship has no connection to Israel.

Massive Bombings

Last week, the United States and the United Kingdom responded to the Houthi rebels' attacks. The Western powers struck a multitude of targets in Yemen used by the Iran-backed group.

A total of 60 targets were hit in 16 different locations, according to the U.S. Air Force. At least five people were killed.

Despite the massive response, the Houthi militia has not backed down from its military objectives.

"We will continue to strike Israeli ships and those heading to the occupied Palestinian ports. We will continue until the aggression and siege of Gaza cease," a source within the rebel group's naval forces told the BBC during the day.

Since November, the Houthi militia has carried out more than 20 attacks against commercial ships in the Red Sea, using drones, missiles, and helicopters. After each attack, the group has often incorrectly claimed that the ships were linked to Israel.

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