Americans Will Struggle to Understand Historical Part of Interview With Carlson, Putin Says

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.18 - 2024 10:14 AM CET

Foto: Screenshot
Foto: Screenshot
In a recent interview, Putin reveals that there were parts of the interview with Tucker Carlson that were particularly difficult for Americans to understand.

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It has been 12 days since Tucker Carlson sat down to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin, in what is likely to become the most talked-about interview of 2024, and perhaps even the most discussed interview of the last century.

However, the interview itself did not offer any surprises, and several media outlets, especially in the West, have called it a waste of time, while others have labeled Tucker Carlson as a puppet for Russia.

In a recent interview Putin gave on Russian state TV to Pavel Zarubin, they touched upon the aforementioned interview. During this discussion, Putin expressed concerns that Americans might find it challenging to grasp the historical references made during his interview with U.S. journalist Tucker Carlson.

This observation was shared during a discussion with Pavel Zarubin, a journalist for the All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, as highlighted in a snippet posted by Zarubin on Telegram according to Tass.

"I don't know," was Putin's response when queried about the Western audience's ability to understand the historical part of the interview with Tucker Carlson.

"I presented them with just the most popular Norman Theory of origin, and I think that for the Western listener, viewer, it was not easy. Especially for Americans," the president remarked.

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