Amount of Money in Putin's Bank Account Revealed

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.30 - 2024 2:56 PM CET

Amount of Money in Putin's Bank Account Revealed.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has registered as a presidential candidate for the upcoming Russian election 2024, reported earnings totaling approximately 68 million rubles ($757.000) over the past six years, according to a financial disclosure published by the Central Election Commission (CEC).

The detailed declaration on the CEC's website indicates that Putin's aggregate income reached 67,591,875 rubles ($606.200). This figure includes his salary, revenue from bank deposits and securities, military pension, and proceeds from property sales.

A photo shared by Russian news site displays specific details regarding Putin's financial situation, as well as the properties and vehicles he owns.

The image you see below is in Russian, but has provided an English translation beneath the picture.

Photo: Uranews

Translated Document


Sources and total income for the six years preceding the election year: salary from the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, income from bank deposits, income from securities, military pension, pension, sale of property - 67,591,875.34 RUB ($757.000)

Property: 1 apartment - 77 sq. m, St. Petersburg; 1 garage - 18 sq. m, St. Petersburg.

Vehicles: 3 cars - GAZ M21, 1960, GAZ M21, 1965, Niva, 2009, Skif car trailer, 1987.

Cash in bank accounts: 10 accounts - 54,416,604.52 rubles. ($606.200)

Shares and participation in commercial organizations: PJSC Bank St. Petersburg - 230 shares (nominal value of one share is 11.81 rubles).

Property obligations: apartment - 153.7 sq. m, Moscow (indeterminate use, order of the Moscow government), parking space - 18 sq. m, St. Petersburg (unlimited use, membership in a garage cooperative).

The text above is a direct translation of the public document. For obvious reasons, we cannot be certain whether there are other amounts or properties not listed in the public records.

Among other findings, investigative journalists have discovered a secret residence near the border with Finland, believed to belong to Putin. This property is certainly not listed in the official documents. You can read more about this below:

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