Another big geographical blunder by Trump

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.01 - 2023 7:35 AM CET

Another big geographical blunder by Trump.

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Former U.S. President Donald Trump recently praised Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán but made another geographical blunder.

Less than a week after confusing Hungary with Turkey and referring to Orbán as the leader of Turkey, Trump incorrectly stated Hungary's borders during a rally in Sioux City, Iowa.

Geographical confusion

"Has anyone ever heard of Viktor Orbán? He's the boss of Hungary. Hungary borders both Ukraine and Russia," Trump said on Sunday, Accoring to Politico. While Hungary does share a border with Ukraine, it does not border Russia.

The closest point between the two countries is about 1,000 kilometers apart.

Trump and Orbán's Relationship

The relationship between Trump and Orbán has been growing, especially as Orbán finds himself increasingly isolated on the European stage.

Trump called Orbán a "very powerful player" and a "very tough guy," praising him for not allowing migrants into Hungary. In return, Orbán has supported Trump's campaign and even sports the merchandise of the Republican candidate online.

Orbán has been a vocal critic of the European Union, recently comparing it to the former Soviet Union and calling Brussels a "poor contemporary parody."

He has also been blocking multi-billion-dollar aid packages for Ukraine, demanding the release of 13 billion euros for Hungary, which the EU has frozen over rule-of-law issues.

Not just Hungary

Despite his close friendship with Orbán, Trump seems to be unaware of the geographical location of his ally's country. But Orbán shouldn't take it personally—Trump's geographical confusion isn't limited to Hungary.

When Trump took the stage for his speech on Sunday, he thanked the people in Sioux Falls, even though he was actually in Sioux City, Iowa.