Another Russian artist has been arrested for "LGBT Propaganda"

Written by Jeppe W

Jan.09 - 2024 10:36 AM CET


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In a controversial turn of events, Russian singer Maxim Tesli has been arrested following a performance that has sparked significant debate and legal action.

Tesli, during a concert with his band Shchenki ("The Puppies") in St. Petersburg, made a bold statement by appearing on stage entirely nude, initially wearing only a sock which he subsequently removed.

The incident, which occurred on January 7, quickly escalated as Kremlin-backed activist Vitaly Borodin reported Tesli to the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office. Borodin alleged that Tesli's nude performance constituted “LGBT propaganda,” a charge that has led to Tesli's arrest and legal complications.

According to the Telegram channel Mash, Tesli was detained at St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo Airport. The news outlet Fontanka reported that the singer faces charges of disorderly conduct, with the potential of a more serious felony case looming.

This case mirrors a similar situation involving Russian rapper Vacio, who recently faced legal consequences for his participation in an "almost naked" party in Moscow. Censorship activist Ekaterina Mizulina referred to Tesli as an imitator of Vacio, who became known for his sock-only outfit during the controversial event.

Tesli's arrest and the charges against him highlight the ongoing tensions in Russia regarding public expression and the interpretation of "LGBT propaganda." The incident has ignited a debate about artistic freedom, censorship, and the legal boundaries of public performance in Russia.

As the situation unfolds, the artistic community and advocates for free expression are closely monitoring the case, concerned about its implications for future artistic performances and the broader issue of censorship and freedom of expression in Russia.

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