Anti-vaxxers mock Matthew Perry following his death

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.30 - 2023 1:36 PM CET

Anti-vaxxers mock Matthew Perry following his death.

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An Instagram post from May 2021 has resurfaced following the discovery of Matthew Perry's death last Saturday.

While the autopsy of Matthew Perry could not provide answers as to the cause of his death, various conspiracy theorists have naturally sprung into action across the internet.

This is particularly apparent in the comment section of a post Matthew Perry shared back in May 2021.

In the post, the now-deceased actor is seen wearing a t-shirt with a caption playing on Chandler Bing's famous way of emphasizing sentences:

"Could I BE more vaccinated."

You can watch the post below

Now, this over two-year-old post is being bombarded with harsh messages from anti-vaxxers:

"Could you BE more dead because you are vaccinated… just wondering," reads one blunt comment.

"You got vaccinated, and now you are dead… Sorry, my friend, but this is karma," writes another coldly.

"This post sure didn’t age gracefully," observes another.

"When you dance with the devil...." a fourth person wrote.

On the other hand, some are trying to encourage maintaining a respectful tone in the comments section:

"Seriously, guys… This comment section is so malicious wtf… I hate the vaccine and didn’t get the shot, but geez, you all are nasty. His death is a huge loss for our generation. Have some compassion," one person comments.

"Having read the inappropriate comments here, I hope he has left this world and landed somewhere with love and respect," writes another.

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