Army Chief's Warning: These Countries Could Be Putin's Next Target

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.20 - 2023 8:08 AM CET

These Countries Could Be Putin's Next Target.

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Michel Hofman, the Chief of the Belgian Armed Forces, has issued a stark warning about the Kremlin's potential next targets following the conflict in Ukraine.

In a conversation with the Belgian news outlet VRT, Hofman expressed concerns that Moldova and the Baltic countries could be next on Russia's list.

Putin's Ambiguous Threats

Hofman highlighted Russian President Vladimir Putin's tendency for ambiguous language, suggesting that Russia might have plans to extend its aggression beyond Ukraine.

He emphasized the need for Europe to be prepared to defend itself and to counterattack if necessary.

The Situation in Ukraine

The ongoing full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces, which began in February 2022, shows no signs of slowing down. Despite Ukraine's strong resistance, Hofman noted that Russia has transitioned to a war industry.

He warned that Russia's current apparent weakness is only temporary and that a victory in Ukraine could lead to the regeneration of its war machine.

Moldova and the Baltics at Risk

Hofman pointed out that Moldova, which shares a border with Ukraine, is particularly vulnerable. The region of Transnistria in Moldova, backed by the Kremlin and functioning as an unrecognized state, uses Russian as its official language and retains the Soviet-era hammer and sickle flag.

The Baltic countries, on the other hand, are NATO members and are protected by the alliance's common defense clause. An attack on Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania by Russian forces could potentially trigger a wider conflict.

Michel Hofman's warning underscores the precarious situation in Eastern Europe and the potential for further escalation of conflicts. His comments serve as a call for vigilance and preparedness among European nations in the face of ongoing Russian aggression.

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