Astounding amount: How much money the Russians have already spent on the war

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.17 - 2023 7:34 AM CET

It's not a small amount.

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The staggering financial toll of Russia's war against Ukraine has been revealed.

According to Forbes, Russia has already spent an eye-watering $167.3 billion since the conflict began a year and a half ago.

This sum includes the loss of $34 billion worth of military equipment, which was destroyed by Ukraine's Armed Forces.

The daily cost of the war for Russia stands at approximately $300 million.

The $167.3 billion figure encompasses various expenditures, such as $51.3 billion for military operations, $35.1 billion for servicemen's salaries, and compensation for families of the deceased and wounded, amounting to $25.6 billion and $21 billion, respectively.

The devaluation of the ruble has had a significant effect on Russia's war budget. The daily payments for a Russian serviceman have dropped from $200 to $120.

Similarly, compensation for families of deceased soldiers has decreased from $110,000 to $65,000, and for the wounded, it has gone down from $45,000 to $27,000.

The largest chunk of Russia's war expenditure is on ammunition and military support, totaling $51.34 billion.

Specifically, more than $9 billion has been spent on artillery support, and the cost of missiles fired on Ukrainian territory has reached over $21.1 billion.

Despite the economic challenges and the devaluation of the ruble, Russia's war-related expenses have not decreased. In fact, due to increased losses in recent months, Russia has had to allocate more funds for compensation to families.

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