Audience is schoked: Movie star in ugly stage crash

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.08 - 2023 11:08 AM CET


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Article: "Chevy Chase's Shocking Stage Fall During 'Christmas Vacation' Screening" Fans were left in disbelief as actor Chevy Chase, 80, experienced a dramatic fall from the stage during a fan event in Buffalo, New York. The incident occurred at Shea's Performing Arts Center during a Q&A session following the screening of the holiday classic, 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation'.

Captured in a video obtained by TMZ, Chase, who was initially wheeled onto the stage in a wheelchair, confidently stood up to acknowledge the audience's standing ovation.

However, as he approached the edge of the stage, waving to the crowd, he suddenly disappeared from the camera's view, tumbling off the stage to the shock of the audience.

His wife, Jayni Chase, and the event's host quickly came to his aid, helping the veteran actor back onto the stage. Once safely seated, Chase humorously interrupted the host as his smartwatch alerted him to the fall, stating, "It says: 'I see you've had a big fall'."

Jayni promptly intervened to address the smartwatch's alert, joking that it might otherwise summon an ambulance, prompting laughter from the crowd.

Sources close to TMZ revealed that Chase was blinded by the stage lights and misjudged the edge of the stage. Fortunately, he escaped with just a sore knee, which was tended to with an ice pack for the remainder of the event.

This incident adds to Chevy Chase's legacy, remembered fondly for his role as the Christmas-loving Clark W. Griswold in the 1989 film 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation'. Despite the scare, the actor showed resilience and humor, making the best of an unexpected situation.