Australian-made drone killer system will soon arrive in Ukraine

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.02 - 2023 2:48 PM CET

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube
Australian-made drone killer system will soon arrive in Ukraine.

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In a move that strengthens the defense capabilities of Ukraine, Australia has dispatched advanced anti-drone technology to the country. The equipment, which is designed to detect and neutralize enemy drones, is expected to arrive in Ukraine soon.

According to ABC Australia, the Australian government has confirmed the shipment, stating that the technology will help Ukraine protect its airspace from unauthorized drone activities. This move comes as Ukraine continues to face ongoing conflict and drone attacks.

The anti-drone system, known as the "DroneGun," is developed by Australian company DroneShield. It is capable of jamming signals to drones, rendering them ineffective. The technology has been used in various security operations around the world, including at airports and during large public events.

While Australia has been a long-standing supporter of Ukraine, this shipment marks a significant step in their defense cooperation.

The Australian Foreign Minister has expressed hope that the technology will make a meaningful difference in Ukraine's efforts to secure its borders.

The decision to send the DroneGun to Ukraine has been met with widespread approval, both domestically and internationally. It is seen as a crucial aid that could tip the scales in Ukraine's favor, especially as drone attacks have become increasingly common in modern warfare.

The DroneGun is expected to be operational shortly after its arrival in Ukraine, adding a new layer of defense against drone threats.

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