Australians Urged to Leave Israel Following Recent Airstrike

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.19 - 2024 1:02 PM CET

Photo: Anas-Mohammed /
Photo: Anas-Mohammed /
The Australian Foreign Ministry on Friday recommended that the country's citizens leave Israel and the Palestinian territories.

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The Australian Foreign Ministry has advised its citizens to leave Israel and the Palestinian territories if possible, following recent military escalations in the region.

According to Interfax, the advisory comes in response to an Israeli airstrike on Iran, which has significantly heightened the risks of military retaliation and terrorist attacks in the area.

Rapid Escalation Sparks Global Concern

The Australian Foreign Ministry stated in a release that “there is a serious threat of military retaliation and terrorist attacks against Israel and against Israeli interests in the region. The situation could deteriorate quickly.”

Australians currently in or planning to travel to Israel are advised to reconsider their plans due to potential dangers, including the possibility of airspace closures and disruptions at Ben Gurion International Airport.

The Australian government had previously advised against travel to Iran and has extended similar cautions to other countries in the region, including Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Lebanon, citing ongoing security risks.

Similarly, the US Embassy in Israel has recommended that American citizens limit their travel within Israel.

“For security reasons, following reports of an Israeli response to Iranian strikes, US government employees and members of their families should limit travel for personal reasons from the Tel Aviv metropolitan area, as well as Jerusalem and Beersheba, until further notice,” was the message posted on Friday on the website of the US Embassy in Israel.

Background of the Conflict

The recent Israeli strikes in Isfahan were in retaliation for an attack by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, which targeted Israel with drones and missiles. This attack was itself a response to an earlier incident where the Iranian consulate in Damascus was shelled, resulting in the deaths of several Iranian military advisers.

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