Baba Vanga's prophetic legacy and her forecasts for 2024: It includes Putin

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.24 - 2023 8:28 AM CET

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Baba Vanga's prediction for 2024 includes the Russian President.

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Baba Vanga, a blind Bulgarian clairvoyant renowned for her accurate predictions, has left a chilling set of prophecies for 2024.

Born in 1911 in Strumica, North Macedonia, Vanga, despite losing her eyesight at 12, claimed to possess the ability to see the future. She passed away in 1996, but not before making numerous predictions, including the eventual end of the world in 5079.

For the year 2024, Vanga has predicted several significant events according to Siasat:

Baba Vanga's 2024 predictions

  1. Assassination of Vladimir Putin: Notably, Vanga foresaw the assassination of the Russian President, adding to the list of numerous attempts he has previously faced.

  2. Surge in Terrorist Attacks in Europe: She predicted an increase in terrorist activities across Europe.

  3. Biological Attacks: Vanga highlighted the threat of biological weapons, predicting that a major country might conduct biological weapons tests or attacks.

  4. Major Economic Crisis: She foresaw a significant economic downturn, attributing it to geopolitical tensions, a shift in economic power from West to East, and increasing debt levels.

  5. Medical Breakthroughs: In a more positive light, Vanga predicted substantial medical advancements, including new treatments for Alzheimer’s and possibly a cure for cancer.

These predictions, while intriguing, remain unverified and speculative. Only time will tell how many, if any, of Baba Vanga's predictions for 2024 will materialize

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