Bad News for Putin: Czech Republic Plans to End Dependence on Russian Oil

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jun.05 - 2024 3:03 PM CET

Photo: Frederic Legrand - COMEO /
Photo: Frederic Legrand - COMEO /
The Czech Republic is gearing up to cut ties with Russian oil. The government has outlined when this shift might take place.

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If the Russian oil market wasn’t already struggling enough, it’s about to face even more challenges. The Czech Republic is now preparing to free itself from Russian oil as well.

According to Prime Minister Petr Fiala, it will take the Czech Republic about a year to fully wean off Russian oil. The statement was reported by České noviny.

This move is part of a broader European effort to reduce reliance on Moscow.

Pipeline Expansion Nears Completion

Europe is nearing the end of a significant pipeline expansion project. The TAL (Transalpine Pipeline) is being upgraded to deliver oil from Italy to various parts of Europe, including the Czech Republic.

Once this project is completed, Fiala plans to request the removal of import exemptions for Russian oil.

Last year, Czech businesses received 7.4 million tons of crude oil, with 58% of it coming from Russia via the "Druzhba" pipeline.

The shift to sourcing oil through the expanded TAL pipeline will mark a significant change in the country's energy landscape.

By diversifying its oil supply sources, the Czech Republic aims to enhance its energy security and reduce risks associated with dependence on Russian oil.

The transition is part of a larger European strategy to bolster energy independence and resilience.

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