Bad news for Putin's regime

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.10 - 2023 8:10 AM CET

Bad news for Putin's regime

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"We were truly shocked to hear that statement," says Maria Zakharova, spokesperson for the Putin regime's foreign ministry.

The comment comes a couple of days after the Israeli ambassador delivered bad news for Russia, as reported by TASS.


Between 500 and 600 people are leaving Gaza every day.

7,000 are queued to be evacuated.

The situation means that it could take up to two weeks before Russian citizens can be brought out of Gaza, according to the notice given by Israel to Moscow. This was not the news that Russia expected to hear.

"This logic is unacceptable," says Maria Zakharova according to the news agency.

No Evacuation

Earlier in the week, Russian state media reported that over 500 Russian citizens are waiting to be evacuated from the center of the conflict. Russia had planned for an evacuation to begin immediately.

According to Maria Zakharova, "all requested procedures" have been followed when submitting the evacuation lists to the Russian diplomatic department in Palestine.

But so far, it has not been confirmed that any Russians have left Gaza since the border to Egypt was opened on November 1 to allow stranded foreign citizens to leave.

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