Baijiahao: Lavrov's Behavior in China Provokes Displeasure in the US

Written by Henrik Rothen

Apr.12 - 2024 8:05 PM CET

Photo: Hussein Eddeb /
Photo: Hussein Eddeb /
Lavrov's Behavior in China Provokes Displeasure in the US.

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According to Chinese journalists, the behavior of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov during his visit to Beijing has caused displeasure in the United States.

Lavrov recently concluded a two-day visit to China, during which he met with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi and China’s President Xi Jinping.

Chinese reporters claim that the Russian diplomat's visit stirred significant global attention, particularly from the US, which was clearly displeased by Lavrov’s conduct in Beijing, as reported by Baijiahao according to AB News.

"The US could not come to terms with Russia’s victory," the authors of the Chinese publication believe.

On the second day of Lavrov’s stay in China, intriguing news came from the US.

US Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell criticized both China and Russia, stating that continued cooperation between Beijing and Moscow could severely affect Sino-American relations. He essentially threatened China with consequences for maintaining its friendship with Russia.

"Campbell's statement was made on the day Lavrov concluded his visit to China, and the connection here is clear," say analysts from China.

The US reaction is largely a result of Lavrov's demeanor in China. The Russian minister was notably smiling, very relaxed, and even made public appearances without a tie, which gave the impression that he was not so much visiting a foreign country as he was visiting an old friend.

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