Battle rages on: Heavy combat continues in Ukraine

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.05 - 2023 8:08 AM CET


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According to recent data analyzed by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), intense military engagements are unfolding near Avdiivka, with Ukrainian defense forces launching attacks and regaining positions.

This development is part of the ongoing conflict in the region, marked by fierce fighting and strategic maneuvers from both Ukrainian and Russian forces.

The ISW report indicates that the Ukrainian military conducted a successful counterattack near Avdiivka, reclaiming lost ground as of December 1. Additionally, geolocated footage published on December 4 revealed Ukrainian forces actively engaging Russian positions in a forest area south of Stepove.

Concurrently, Russian forces have been persisting with their offensive operations in the Avdiivka direction. This includes making confirmed advances, particularly in the area of the reservoir north of Avdiivka, as shown in geolocated footage released on the same day.

Further imagery indicates that Russian troops have advanced within Stepove, located approximately 5 kilometers northwest of Avdiivka.

Russian military bloggers have claimed that their forces have consolidated control over positions in and around Stepove.

They reported an advance of 600 meters in a forest belt southeast of Stepove and ongoing heavy combat near the Avdiivka Coke Plant and in the industrial area southeast of Avdiivka. These bloggers also stated that the Kozma Minin volunteer tank battalion from Nizhny Novgorod is operating in the Avdiivka industrial zone.

In contrast, the Ukrainian General Staff reported that Russian offensive operations east of Novokalynove, Novobakhmutivka, and near Avdiivka, Stepove, Pivnichne, and Pervomaiske, have been unsuccessful.

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