Beijing Blames US for Ukrainian Crisis Escalation

Written by Camilla Jessen

May.17 - 2024 11:53 AM CET

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Beijing has accused the United States of being directly responsible for the emergence and escalation of the Ukrainian crisis.

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Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Wang Wenbin recently criticized the US for its role in the Ukrainian conflict, attributing the crisis to Washington's "Cold War-era mentality."

As reported by the news outlet Tass, Wang stated, "The US, with its Cold War-era mentality, bears an irremediable responsibility for the emergence and escalation of the Ukrainian crisis."

He accused the US of perpetuating a cycle of conflict by seeking enemies rather than pursuing peace in Ukraine.

US-China Tensions Rise

Wang's comments come in response to remarks from US Department of State Deputy Spokesman Vedant Patel on May 16.

Patel asserted that China's support for Russia hinders its ability to improve relations with Europe. He also suggested that China's actions bolster the Russian military-industrial complex, posing threats not only to Ukrainian security but also to European stability.

"China cannot improve relations with Europe if it continues to support Russia," Patel stated.

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