Belarusian official drops bombshell: We're trained in nuclear warfare

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.18 - 2023 7:35 PM CET

"We're trained in nuclear warfare"

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Pavel Muravieyko, cited by the Belarusian news agency BelTa, stated that Belarusian military personnel have undergone a full training cycle in Russia concerning the deployment of Russian nuclear weapons on Belarusian territory.

Muravieyko warned against testing whether Belarusians know how to operate these weapons, emphasizing that they are ready to defend their country by any means necessary.

Muravieyko also addressed Poland, saying that Belarus would be open to conducting joint military exercises if such a proposal were made.

He believes that joint exercises would allow both countries to "better understand the enemy" and could focus on issues like border security and transborder threats.

The Belarusian official's comments come as the country prepares for large-scale military exercises on September 20.

The location of these exercises is yet to be determined. On August 31, the head of Ukrainian military intelligence, General Kyrylo Budanov, reported that nuclear warheads had been transported from Russia to Belarus a few days earlier. He added that Belarus is not technically prepared to conduct a nuclear attack.

Marcin Przydacz, head of the Presidential Office for International Policy, commented that Russia had violated several international agreements with this decision. He assured that Poland is secure due to its military strength and its allies.

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