Beware of This New Application That Downloads Automatically with Smartphone Updates

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.09 - 2024 2:59 PM CET

Beware of This New Application That Downloads Automatically with Smartphone Updates.

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New updates to your phone can sometimes install new apps without your consent. While these apps are often harmless and useful, experts are raising concerns about the latest one being deployed.

Regular software updates on your smartphone are crucial. Not only do they introduce new features developed by manufacturers, but they also address security vulnerabilities. Updates often provide the best protection against malicious attempts by hackers exploiting potential flaws in your smartphone.

Smartphone update installs new applications automatically

Occasionally, a smartphone update installs new applications automatically. These apps are downloaded without your consent and undergo numerous security tests beforehand. They can add essential features or improve existing ones on your device.

Several experts, however, have examined a new application that was automatically installed with the latest iPhone updates. Named "Journal," this app was introduced in the recent 17.2 update rolled out a few weeks ago. It automatically detects photos, trips, visits, notes, and audios you make daily to create a personal diary you can consult to reminisce about these days.

Concerns about this application particularly focus on security vulnerabilities that could be exploited via your device's Bluetooth. These issues have already been addressed by Apple during the deployment of “Journal.”

But experts are concerned about another feature still integrated into the application: the ability to be detected by other nearby iPhone users. By analyzing other users nearby, your “Journal” app can more efficiently decide which photos, writings, and moments of your day to highlight.

These rather vague explanations have caused worry among many experts about the personal data stored within the application. For those who do not wish to be detected by other nearby users, it is possible to deactivate this option in the settings under privacy and security > journal suggestions. There, you can disable the “detectable by other people” option.