Biden Announces US Military's Planned Aid Airdrop to Gaza Amid Humanitarian Crisis

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.01 - 2024 10:25 PM CET

Photo: ArChe1993 /
Photo: ArChe1993 /
Biden Announces US Military's Planned Aid Airdrop to Gaza Amid Humanitarian Crisis.

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In an effort to address the worsening humanitarian situation in Gaza, President Joe Biden revealed on Friday that the US military is set to conduct an unprecedented airdrop of food and supplies to the region. This initiative follows the tragic loss of lives among Palestinians waiting for aid, casting a stark light on the severe humanitarian challenges faced by the densely populated territory.

Without specifying dates, President Biden confirmed that the operation is slated for the near future, marking a significant international effort to provide relief. According to YnetNews, this announcement places the US alongside other nations such as Jordan and France, which have previously executed similar airdrops in Gaza.

Emphasizing the need for increased aid, Biden expressed to the press, "We need to do more and the United States will do more," pointing out the current inadequacy of assistance reaching the area.

John Kirby assured that the upcoming airdrop, focusing initially on delivering military MREs (meals ready-to-eat), is just the beginning of a prolonged support campaign. "This isn’t going to be one and done," Kirby stated, indicating plans for ongoing relief efforts.

The humanitarian condition in Gaza has reached critical levels, with the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reporting that approximately 576,000 residents are facing extreme food scarcity.

The conflict, now almost five months old following a Hamas-initiated attack on Israel on October 7, has seen escalating violence. Gaza's health officials have reported significant casualties among those trying to access aid, with over 100 people killed in a recent attempt to reach a relief convoy. While Israel attributes many of these deaths to unfortunate accidents and in some cases, necessary defense actions, the situation underscores the dire need for humanitarian aid.

With reports of Gazans resorting to extreme measures for survival and increasing child fatalities due to malnutrition and dehydration, the urgency for international aid has never been clearer. The US military's capability to perform effective airdrops, as highlighted by retired Air Force General David Deptula, offers a glimmer of hope in delivering the much-needed assistance to Gaza's beleaguered population.

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