Biden Approves $300 Million Arms Package for Ukraine, Aiming to Support Defensive War Efforts

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.12 - 2024 10:27 PM CET

Photo: photowalking /
Photo: photowalking /
Biden Approves $300 Million Arms Package for Ukraine, Aiming to Support Defensive War Efforts.

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President Joe Biden has sanctioned a significant new arms package for Ukraine, totaling $300 million, as confirmed by Jake Sullivan, the U.S. President's National Security Adviser, on Tuesday. The package is set to bolster Ukraine's defensive capabilities against Russian aggression by supplying artillery shells and missiles for HIMARS rocket artillery systems. This is reported by Reuters.

During a press briefing, Sullivan disclosed that the allocation of this new weapons package was made feasible through unexpected savings achieved during the Pentagon's contract negotiation processes.

Despite the relief this package provides, Sullivan emphasized its limited scope, describing it as "modest" and only sufficient for a few weeks of Ukraine's defensive operations against Russia. He highlighted the urgent necessity for Congress to pass a proposed $60 billion aid package to sustain long-term assistance to Ukraine.

"The modest assistance underscores the dire need for Congress to act swiftly on a more substantial support package," Sullivan remarked, pointing out the critical role of the new tranche in sustaining Ukraine's military efforts. The tranche, marking the first of its kind in three months, will deliver a considerable supply of artillery shells and GMLRS missiles, essential for the HIMARS systems currently deployed by Ukraine.

Sullivan articulated the crucial impact of this aid, stating, "This is the aid Ukraine desperately needs to maintain its frontline in the face of Russian attacks and to push back against ongoing Russian attacks in eastern and other parts of Ukraine."

However, Sullivan also issued a stark warning about the limitations of this support. "This does not even come close to meeting the great needs on the battlefield and will not protect Ukraine from running out of ammunition in the coming weeks," he added, underscoring the precarious situation on the ground.

The National Security Adviser concluded by urging the House of Representatives to expedite their deliberations and vote on the aid package previously approved by the Senate in early February, stressing the critical timing and the need for continued support to Ukraine amidst its struggle against Russian advances.

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