Biden Calls for Urgent G7 Meeting After Iran Strikes Israel

Written by Henrik Rothen

Apr.14 - 2024 11:29 AM CET

Photo: ArChe1993 /
Photo: ArChe1993 /
In response to Iran's aggressive actions against Israel, President Joe Biden announces a special G7 summit to formulate a unified diplomatic strategy.

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President Joe Biden has announced the convening of an emergency G7 summit following Iran's recent attacks on Israel, marking a significant escalation in regional tensions.

"Tomorrow, I will convene the G7 leaders to coordinate a joint diplomatic response to Iran's brazen attack. My team will be in touch with counterparts in the region, and we will continue to closely liaise with Israeli leaders," Biden declared.

In a move reflecting the gravity of the situation, Biden added that he had spoken with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, reiterating America's steadfast commitment to Israel's security.

This conversation underscores the U.S. intent to maintain a robust presence in the region amidst growing instability.

A Diplomatic Balance Amidst Rising Tensions

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin further emphasized that while the U.S. is not seeking an open conflict with Tehran, it is prepared to take necessary actions to protect Israel.

"We condemn these reckless and unprecedented attacks by Iran and call on Iran and its proxy forces to cease any further attacks immediately. We are not seeking conflict with Iran, but we will unhesitatingly take measures to protect our forces and support Israel's defense," Austin stated.

According to reports from the Israeli military, Iran launched an intensive assault last night, firing over 170 drones, 120 ballistic missiles, and 30 cruise missiles at Israel. Many of these were launched from the territories of Iraq and Yemen, with the majority being intercepted by Israeli defenses.

This significant military engagement indicates a severe escalation in the long-standing tensions between Iran and Israel, bringing the situation to a critical juncture.

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