Biden fumbles acronym during Pacific Islands forum speech

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.26 - 2023 9:57 PM CET

Biden fumbles acronym during Pacific Islands forum speech.

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In a recent speech at the Pacific Islands Forum, President Joe Biden stumbled over the acronym for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Despite the slip-up, Biden emphasized that the name wasn't as important as the agency's mission.

During his virtual address, the President was discussing the role of USAID in providing aid to Pacific Island nations.

However, he fumbled the acronym, leading to a moment of awkwardness. According to New York Post Biden quickly recovered, stating, "It doesn't matter what we call it, what matters is what we do." (You can watch the episode in the video below)

The incident has drawn attention on social media, with critics pointing out the President's frequent verbal missteps. Supporters argue that the focus should be on the agency's work rather than a minor mistake.

USAID has been instrumental in offering support to Pacific Island nations, particularly in the areas of climate change and disaster relief. Biden's speech aimed to highlight the U.S. commitment to these issues, despite the hiccup in his delivery.

The President's gaffe comes at a time when his approval ratings are already under scrutiny, adding fuel to ongoing debates about his fitness for office. However, many believe that the focus should remain on the substantive issues discussed during the forum, rather than the President's momentary lapse.

The Pacific Islands Forum serves as a platform for leaders of Pacific nations to discuss pressing issues, including climate change, regional security, and economic development. The U.S. has been a key partner in these discussions, and Biden's speech was intended to reaffirm that commitment.

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