Bold statement from Putin ally: "Russia and the West can't coexist"

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.10 - 2023 11:34 AM CET

Photo: Youtube/
Photo: Youtube/
Bold statement from Putin ally.

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Vladimir Solovyov, a prominent Russian propagandist and a known ally of President Vladimir Putin, recently declared that Russia and Western nations are fundamentally incompatible.

Solovyov, who hosts political shows on Kremlin-controlled media, is notorious for his controversial remarks.

He has previously suggested that Germany might one day fall under Russian rule and warned of a potential world war against Muslims globally.

Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to Ukraine's minister of internal affairs, shared a translated clip on X (formerly Twitter) from Solovyov's radio show.

In the clip, Solovyov is heard discussing the longstanding conflict between Russia and the West.

"We need to recognize the West is our enemy—systemic, centuries-old, millennia-old, existential. There can be no mutual coexistence," Solovyov stated, according to Gerashchenko's translation.

Solovyov then urged Russians to remain vigilant in what he perceives as a protracted struggle with the Western world. He emphasized Russia's need for strength to avoid Western attempts at destruction, a recurring theme throughout history according to him.

"Any games with them weaken us," he remarked, advocating for a stance of expediency over attempts to change Western perspectives.

The U.S. State Department has identified Solovyov as a key figure in disseminating Kremlin disinformation. In 2022, it listed him as a major Russian propagandist, highlighting his energetic role in spreading the Kremlin's narrative.

Throughout the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Solovyov has repeatedly advocated for Moscow to utilize its nuclear arsenal against Ukraine's supporters.

He has also suggested that Russia should target any country attempting to enforce the International Criminal Court's arrest warrant for Putin, issued over alleged war crimes. This stance aligns with Solovyov's broader narrative of a deep-rooted and irreconcilable conflict between Russia and the West.

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